by - Saturday, January 14, 2017

I have a lot of adventures planned this year and I am going to do my best to keep everything pretty up to date. When I blogged before it was a whirlwind Europe trip that kind of killed the blog- I had no time to update it during the trip and when it was over it felt so overwhelming. That's the problem with a travel blog. Traveling is so busy. I wanted to update about my Cuba trip before I set off on my next trip– Australia via the Philippines– though.

Cuba was incredible and I am still reflecting on everything I saw and learned. My grandmother moved from Cuba to New York when she was 9, nearly 100 years ago. So as I flew back to JFK, the city that she called home for much of her life and that I call home, I began to think about everything. I will likely post more about this trip later but I wanted to get something up before I fly out again. The trip was at times overwhelming and difficult but it was also so fulfilling. We didn't make it to Camaguey where my grandmother was from because trains were not running. This means we will have to return.

I found a country that is at times stuck in the past like the guide books described it but also in many ways innovative. Old cars are everywhere like I expected but I did not realize the business they have created with the old cars acting as taxis. Seeing the old cars is a large tourist draw and the taxi rides popular. Large Samsung tablets are in major squares giving information about upcoming events. Wifi however is just barely existent. I actually enjoyed being internet free for a week especially because I didn't have to think about Trump and his latest horrific comments. I hope to share more observations but is there anything specific you are interested to know about Cuba? Photos below.

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