About Me

Hi, I'm Angela. I'm 20 and a college student at Barnard College of Columbia University. I'm a New Yorker. I love exploring both around my city and across the globe. My parents live in Connecticut so I will share photos from and tips for exploring the Litchfield Hills and greater New England.

I took my first solo trip at age 10 to Panama. I flew alone and stayed with a family we had recently met while visiting Panama. I learned so much from that trip and from the many solo trips I have taken since. Here I share experiences from my travels with an emphasis on the joys and pitfalls of traveling alone. I really believe traveling alone is something everyone should do at some point in their lives. I learn so much from these trips about not only the places I am visiting but about myself.

While I love trips I take by myself I also love traveling with a good partner. My most common travel partner is my mom. We are really close and incredibly compatible travel partners. She will show up on here as we hike the mountains of New England and explore Cuba where my grandmother (her mother) was born.

When I am not traveling I spend a lot of time exploring my city and Connecticut. I truly love New York and while I am a passionate traveler I can never imagine actually living anywhere else permanently. NYC will always be my home. I am working on developing travel guides for New York as well as Connecticut and they will be posted here once they are finished.

When I am not out and about you can find me reading or rewatching endless episodes of Law and Order: SVU or Friends. I love books and will share books I am enjoying from time to time. Please feel free to send me your book suggestions! Finally I am a student which kind of takes up a lot of my time. I am majoring in Political Science and Human Rights and hope to go to law school in a year and a half.

I hope you enjoy my adventures; thanks for visiting!